We previously talked about how we can reach potential buyers by showing our ads in search results, but besides search results you have many other ways to target potential buyers including Google remarketing.

Google remarketing allows you to target those that already visited your store, showing them your ads on various sites on the Google partner network of sites.

Remarketing is a great way to target those that were interested in buying in your store, but for some reason didn’t complete a purchase. Also, it’s a way to bring in more repeat business by advertising to those that already bought from you once, getting them to come back and buy from you again.

Also, if you already have a YouTube channel with videos that generate traffic you can target viewers that saw your videos with Google remarketing.

How to run a Google remarketing campaign

Step 1: Creating a new campaign

We will start out by creating our Google Adwords account, once we’ve done that we will visit Campaigns and create a new ‘Display Network only’ campaign.

Name your campaign ‘Remarketing campaign’ and under Marketing objective choose the Buy on your website objective.

Step 2: Embedding your remarketing tag

To find out who visited your store you will need to link our account with Google Analytics.

After setting up your Google Analytics account go to Campaigns > Shared library > Audiences.

Click on Set up remarketing and checkmark Use the Google Analytics tag instead of the AdWords remarketing tag or copy the code to embed it in your store’s header.

To start tracking store visitors with Google Analytics visit your Google Analytics account and under Admin > Tracking Info > Data Collection turn on the Remarketing option.

Next you can go ahead and create your first Remarketing list.

Step 3: Creating a remarketing list

We can create separate remarketing lists for visitors that searched for different products in our store, so if for example we want to target buyers that looked in your store at men shirts we will name the remarketing list Men shirts and after People who visited a page with any of the following add the value ‘men-shirt’.

By default the remarketing list will only show visitors from the past 30 days, but you can change this default option to up to 540 days.

Step 4: Creating remarketing ads

After we’ve finished creating a Remarketing list for an audience we want to target we will go back to our campaign and create an Ad Group for our remarketing campaign by choosing Interests & remarketing > Remarketing lists and picking your remarketing list.


Remove below the option Let AdWords automatically find new customers and continue on.

The best ads for remarketing are image ads, which you can upload a graphic for here. The best ad sizes for getting the most exposure are sizes 336X280, 160X600 and 728X90.

If you’re targeting different visitors in your store, such as visitors that searched for ‘Men shirts’ and visitors that searched for ‘women dresses’, you can create separate ad groups for them each with it’s own remarketing list. Next. you will be able to create different ads for each using different ad copy and images.

If you’re offering a special discount such as free shipping over a minimum order, you can advertise that here in the ad copy.

You will have an option to add a Display URL and Final URL. The display URL will be the link to your store, but for your Final URL you can target based on your ad and remarketing list and link to a certain category page in your store.

Step 5: Analyzing your remarketing ads

Similarly to an AdWords search campaign you will be able to compare the effectiveness of your ads based on Clicks, Impr., CTR, Avg. CPC, Cost and Avg. Pos.

The most important factors for comparing display ads are also CTR and CPC. You want a high Click Through Rate and a low Cost Per Click. So to maximize your ads effectiveness check which ads are the most successful and pause any ad that isn’t doing well.

You can also analyze on which sites on the Google Partner network your ads are getting the most clicks under Display network > Placements.  If you see that on a certain  site the CPC is significantly higher or the CTR is lower you can also choose to pause ads on that site.

Analyzing the results from your campaign is crucial to your remarketing campaign. So make sure you test different ad formats to see what works best.

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