You can use QR codes anywhere where you’re promoting your store offline, if it’s by adding the code to a note you printed out and added to your packages, or if it’s in adding it to any other printed material you hand out in tradeshows or events you attend.

QR codes can be easily generated online and once scanned with a mobile device they direct your buyers to your store’s homepage, or any other link you’d like.

What’s great about QR codes?

The mystery

Using QR codes creates a certain mystery and anticipation by your potential buyer, looking forward to finding out what they will find on the other side of the code.

The branding

Today you can have QR codes designed in such a way that they will be unique for your brand, creating special interest and helping your brand stand out.

The convenience

You run into potential buyers in a local market our tradeshow, you can hand them a business card with a QR code and all the need to do is scan the code to go visit your online store.

Where to use QR codes?

Business card

Create a business card, that besides having your contact info on it and your store’s address, also has a QR code linked with your store’s homepage or contact page.


Printing out leaflets to hand out in a tradeshow or local market? Add a QR code that links with your store. If you’re running a special holiday sale, or a sale for any occasion, you can advertise the sale on the leaflet and link the QR code directly with the page you created in your store for the sale.

Product catalog/brochure

If you have a product catalog that you hand out to potential buyers, you can add here also your QR code linking straight to your store. You can also create separate codes for specific sections of in your store, or even for specific products.

QR codes can help you create the necessary bond between your offline & online presence, which is why it’s great to include them in any offline promotion you’re doing.

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