One of the best ways to get buyers to your new store is by telling your current eBay buyers about your new online store. It is much easier to get a buyer that was satisfied with your service to buy from you again, than to acquire a completely new buyer.

So how do we get one-time buyers to our new store?

One great way to do that is with packaging inserts, which can be some much more than just some boring leaflet that would easily be tossed away. The key here is to blow your buyers expectations, so that they will definitely want to check out what else you have to offer.

Here are some ideas for packaging inserts we can include:

Handwritten note – You would be surprised how much buyers can appreciate a nice card with a handwritten thank you note. This personal touch can go a long way in building customer loyalty.

Get the cards personalized with your store logo on top and in the note invite buyers to check out your new online store.

Promotional products – Want to really spread the news about your new store & get buyers to visit your new store at the same time? giving away a small product such as a t-shirt or canvas bag with your logo & website can be a great way to do that. This is also a great form of advertising, that both helps you build customer loyalty and get buyers to visit your store.

Free samples – Adding a free sample to your package is guaranteed to surprise your buyers and help you build their brand loyalty.  Once you caught their attention let them know in a note added to your packages that the sample product is available in your new online store.

Comic/funny card – A card with a funny comic or illustration is guaranteed to capture your buyer’s eye. You can get an illustrator or comic artist to create a personalized comic for you that you can print out on cards and add to your packages. Add to the back of the card your website’s address and a short note inviting your buyers to check out your new store.

Getting one-time buyers to your new store by surprising them with a personalized gift, even if it’s a small one, is a great way to get your first buyers to your new online store. To help you get started we created a list of 10 Free & Paid Resources for Packaging Inserts.


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