Medium is a storytelling platform on which anyone can share their story. You can offers two main options for publishing content, either writing an original piece on the platform, or importing a post from another site and editing it in Medium.

Medium is a very simple platform; clean, elegant & straight forward. Which puts the full focus on the content, without any extra bells and whistles.

You can also embed photos in your Medium posts and create a piece that tell a story through images.

On top of it all, it allows you to collaborate with other writers and credit them in your pieces, helping you gain more exposure.

What type of stories can you publish?

Medium is about telling stories, before anything else. So don’t use it to publish just another promotional piece, but instead bring out your personality and tell a story.

Introduce your brand

I bet there is a great story behind how you started out and this would be the place to share it. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share personal tidbits about how you started out, what was the driving force behind all this and what do you anticipate for the future.


A dialog/interview is also another great idea for a piece you can publish, maybe in collaboration with another Medium writer. In the interview you can address questions relevant to your field and add also questions that have to do with your brand and how you got started.

Product review

A product review on Medium isn’t your typical product review. Since the focus in Medium in on telling stories, product reviews on the site are written in a storytelling format with the writer’s emphasising their personal experience with the product.

In writing such a review you want to include personal tidbits, maybe a personal recollection that connects with the product. It’s important that you emphasize the personal story, rather than using promotional talk.

Life event/experience

Had a special experience you think others would find interesting? This is your place to share. Your personal recollection of a certain event can also be a great story to share on Medium. Use your own voice in telling the story and try to add as much detail as you can to capture it all.


In conclusion, Medium is a great platform for those with an inkling for writing, and also for those that just have a great story to share. It can also be your chance to expose your new brand to a whole new audience.


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