After you’ve worked on optimizing your store & improving its presence in search results, you want to be able to see the results of the work you’ve done.

Creating a Google Webmaster account will let you do just that, including check under which search results your website is indexed and which backlinks are directing to your store.

You can also link your webmaster account with your Google analytics account to more easily track these results right from your Google Analytics account.

With a Google Webmaster account you will also be able to check if Google is having trouble indexing your store for some reason and what you can change to help that process.

Lastly, by creating a Google Webmaster account you will be able to verify your site, which is necessary for creating a Google My Business account, linking your store with your Google+ & YouTube accounts and more.

How do I create a Google Webmaster account?

Just like with Google Analytics, you just need a Google account to create your Google Webmaster account for free.

Once you created your account you will be directed to your account’s search console, where you will the option to Add a property.


Once you click on that you will be asked to provide the URL for your store.

After entering the URL for your store, you will be asked to verify your store.

If you already created a Google Analytics account you can simply choose the option to verify with your Google Analytics account. If you haven’t, choose the option to verify your account with a meta tag.

You won’t see results for your store right away, but within a few days you should be able to see information in your Webmaster account.

What can you do with the account?

Check search analytics

Under Search Traffic > Search Analytics you will be see all the search terms that your store’s appearing under. By default your dashboard will only show the number of clicks to your store from each search term. To get more information to show here checkmark the Impressions, CTR and Position option on top.


Impressions are the number of times that page showed up in that search result, while your CTR is the number of clicks divided by the number impressions. A high CTR is a good thing, it shows that your page is clicked on often. Position can be a good indicator to this, indicating how close you are to the top of the search, with position 1 being the top result.

Check links to your store

Under Search Traffic > Links to Your Site you will be able to see all the links Google recognizes that are linking back to your store.

Check index status

Under Google Index > Index status you will be able to see the number of pages that are indexed for your store. If you think a certain page wasn’t indexed you can use the Fetch as Google tool to enter the URL and submit it. This will allow you to see if there was a certain error which is why it wasn’t indexed.

Using Google Webmaster is a great essential to properly optimizing your site. With it you can see exactly what you did right and where you need to improve your SEO efforts.

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