Submitting your products to shopping comparison sites, can be a great way to get your first store sales. You might not like the idea since it’s very similar to selling on a marketplace such as eBay, but this can be a great way to drive traffic to your store when you’re just starting out and before you even got indexed organically by search engines. There are many different shopping comparison search engines out there, here are the top ones: The Find, Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Pronto, PriceGrabber and Become.

It’s important point out that besides The Find, all shopping search engines work on a PPC model, which means you will pay every time someone clicks on your product just like in ads.

Submitting your product to shopping search engines

You will first of all need to create an account with the shopping engine you want to sell through.

Next, you will need to submit a CSV file with your products details including link to the product in your store, product name, product image URL, description and price.

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