Right after you finish setting up your new store you will want to make an official announcement telling everyone all about it. What better way to do so than with a press release?

Submitting a press release doesn’t only mark the official launch of your store, but it also can help you in creating backlinks to your store and driving traffic to it.

How to write a great press release

The first thing that readers see before deciding if to give the time of day to your news is your press release title. So you want to make it enticing to capture your reader’s interest.

Here below you can see for example a few of the top headlines for press releases on the Press Release Rocket site:


Getting a reader to click on your headline isn’t enough. Next you need to convince them why your store is something special. That’s why your press release should be both informative & interesting and include a short history of your brand, when & how you started out, where are you physically located, what do you sell and what does your store have to offer that other brands don’t.

Your press release doesn’t have to be necessarily about the launch of your store, you can also submit a press release if you’re running a sweepstake or giveaway, or if you have any newsworthy news relating to your store.

There are many sites you can submit your press release to, here are some of the popular ones:

www.ecommercebytes.com – A website that covers all the latest news in the eCommerce world, have a PR section dedicated to eCommerce related press releases.

pressreleaserocket.net –  Offers press releases on a wide range of topics, a great way to get more exposure for your press release in search results.

www.prnewswire.com – Offer a PR service of submitting your press release to multiple sites.

Besides submitting your press release to big publications, you should also submit your PR to online publications that are focused on your industry, or online publications that are local to your area. These are great ways to get more focused on an audience that can relate to your news story.

A press release can be a great way to get exposure for your new store, so take advantage of this opportunity to announce the launch of your new store.

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