Setting up a Google Analytics account is crucial for your store, since it will allow you to track all the traffic coming to your store from any source. Whether it’s from search results, social media sites, Google ads or any other site.

With Google Analytics you will be able to see exactly what’s working for you. Not only where visitors are coming from the most to your store, but also which visitors are converting into buyers. So for instance you will be able to see that you’re getting plenty of visitors from Twitter, but that visitors from Pinterest are actually more likely to buy from you. This way you will be able to know best where to focus your time & energy.

How do I create a Google Analytics account?

You just need to have a Google account to create an Google Analytics account, and it’s free.

When creating your account you will be asked to provide an account name, add your website name and the URL to your store. Once you’ve done that you will be given a tracking ID to embed in your store.

Shortly after the tracking ID is embedded in your store you will be able to view your store’s analytics data in your Google Analytics dashboard.

What can I see in my Google Analytics dashboard?

In your dashboard’s 1st screen you will be able to see:

  • How many visitors arrived at your store over the past month
  • What’s the average visit time in your store
  • How many of your visitors are new visitors

To see where your visitors are coming from to your store we will look at Acquisition. Under Overview you will be able to see what’s your store’s main source of traffic: Referral, Direct, Social or Organic search.

Referral includes all the traffic arriving from other sites, while Social is only traffic from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Organic search is any traffic from search results and Direct is all visitors that visited your store by directly entering the link to your store in the browser, or by clicking on a link in an email, or even by clicking on the link through a text message.

Under Referral in your acquisition dashboard you will be able to to see which sites visitors were referred from to your store, same with  Social where you can see what social media sites visitors are arriving from.

For each traffic source you will be able to see Sessions, % New sessions, New Users, Bounce Rate, Pages/Sessions and Avg. Session Duration.

A session is a visit to your store, while % New sessions will tell you how many of these visits are of new visitors to your store. Many of the sessions on your site can be your repeat visits, so the real indication for visitors to your store is New Users.

Bounce Rate indicates the rate of visitors that arrive at a page in your store and leave without interacting with the page. A high bounce rate means something is not going working and that you need to check why visitors are leaving.

A high number of Pages/Session is a good thing, you want visitors in your store to spend time looking through in your store. Which is why also a long Avg. Session Duration is a good sign, since for most buyers it will take up to 19 hours from when they first visited your store to when they actually complete a purchase.

Maybe the most important metrics for a store are the last three: Goal Conversion Rate, Goal Completions and Goal Value. to understand these better let’s take a look at how you can set up conversions in your Google Analytics account.

Setting up conversions in your store

Conversions is your way of tracking sales in your Google Analytics account. Which are crucial for you to fully understand what’s the best source of traffic to your store, the one that’s converting the most.

To set up your conversion tracking go at the top of the page to Admin > Goals.

Click on New Goal and under template choose Make a payment.

Google analytics 2

Leave the default settings for Goal description and proceed to the next step.

Under Destination enter the path for your store’s success page, it only needs to be the relative path of your success page to your homepage, so /thank-you and not

Google analytics 3

Click on Create Goal to complete the set up.

Now the next time an order is completed in your store the Goal will be verified. You can also simulate a purchase in your store to make sure that the conversion tracking is working.

Once the goal is verified you will also start seeing the goals showing under Goals Completions for the referral from which they arrived. You can also use the Conversion Rate to better understand what percentage of visitors from a certain traffic source end up completing a purchase.

Now you will be able to tell where visitors are coming form, how many are buying and form where the buyers in your store are arriving from.

Google Analytics is a necessary tool for keeping track of what’s working in your marketing strategy and what’s not. With it you will be able to spend your time efficiently promoting your new store.


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