A product video doesn’t have to be a super bowl ad, just a simple demonstration or a video showing off your product can drastically help in getting you your first sales.

Also, adding videos to each product page can help buyers in making their final purchase decision.

Not only does a video outweigh standard product photos in helping you close more sales, but a video can also help your products show up in search results and drive more traffic to your store.

What types of videos can you do?

Walkthrough video – create a short video walking the buyer through all the details and benefits of your product.

360° video – Create a video capturing the product from all its angles, this way the buyer can see it fully. It’s best you shoot this type of video on a white clean background and for extra oomph use a rotating display.

How-to video – If you have a product that requires certain assembly you can create a video showing how to assemble it, from the moment they unpack the product to when it’s fully assembled.

Recommendation video – Create a customer recommendation video, either that you take or ask one of your regular buyers to take it for you. It doesn’t have to be fancy and it can go a long way in helping you sell your product.

Once you created your product videos you can create a YouTube channel for your store and upload your videos.

Make sure to add a link to the product page in the description of each video, so that buyers have a direct link to where they can get your product.

Creating product videos won’t only allow you to show more information about each product to potential buyers, but it also can also help your store gain traffic from YouTube and Google. So pick up any camera you have, even a good phone camera can do, and start taking videos!

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