Another way you can gain momentum for your store and build your client base is by running a giveaway. Which you can publicize using your Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram account.

You have a few different types of giveaways:


If you offer a product that buyers tend to restock on, such as beauty products, offering a freebie can be a great marketing strategy.

To spread the word and reach potential buyers you can post on Twitter your promotion, using relevant hashtags such as #freebie #giveaway #free etc.

If for instance you’re selling beauty products you can reach out to Twitter users that tweeted using such hashtags such as #Makeup #Makeover #cosmetics #beauty.  Tweet to them offering them a free sample and linking to your store.

You can also use your Facebook page and Facebook ads to advertise the giveaway. By doing this you can not only get more buyers interested in your store, but also build your Facebook presence by gaining more likes for your page.

Another great way to spread the word about your giveaway is with Instagram. Share a photo of the freebie you’re giving away and add a link to your store as a watermark or caption on the photo.


If your product is a bit more expensive and you can’t offer a freebie  you can instead run a contest with one big prize. You can also use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to tell potential buyers about the contest and add a link back to your store for signing up.

Giveaways can also be a great way to build your brand and your mailing list. So also if those participating didn’t buy from you right away, you can update them on sales and get them to come back to your store at a later time.

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