When you sign up we give you a storename.22stores.com domain, but you can set up your own branded domain for your store.

Having your own domain name, besides helping you brand your store, can also help you in optimizing your store for search results.

How do I choose a domain name?

There are a few things you want to take into account when choosing a domain.

Short & recognizable

It’s important you choose a domain name that’s short, memorable and easy to read. This will make your website address aesthetic and branded, making it easy to add to printed material such as business cards and brochures.

Also, a short & memorable domain will help buyers remember your store’s address. So if for example they saw your website in an ad, they will remember the address to come back and visit it later.

Include keywords

Including relevant keywords will help search engines index your store in relevant searches. However, don’t crowd your domain name, keep it short including up to 2 keywords. You can use a hyphen to separate the words, so that it’s easier to read it.

Make it stand out

Be creative, make your domain name stand out. Choose a name that will capture the air of your brand, rather than just describe it.

Spelled easily

Try not to use words that are too extravagant or commonly misspelled to avoid any confusion. You don’t want buyers to type in the wrong address and mistakenly arrive at your competitor’s store.

.com extension

Today you have many new domain extensions from which you can choose, but although it’s tempting to choose a cool new extension such as .buy or .clothing, most buyers are used to a .com extension and might get confused if you do. There are though a shortage of .com domains available, which might mean you will have to be more creative in choosing your branded domain name.

Your domain name is a main player in promoting and branding your store, so take your time in choosing it and take these pointers into account. Read here how to register and setup your new store domain.

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