Just like on any other social platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, also on Tumblr your first of all want to establish your brand’s identity, so you can reach out more efficiently to your target audience.

This means posting interesting content themed around topics related to your store, and not just selling your brand.This way you can attract potential buyers by offering valuable content that’s not necessarily promotional.

Besides the gained exposure you get on Tumblr, all your Tumbler posts can be indexed in search results, helping you drive more traffic to your store from Google and other search results.

What should you post on Tumblr?

The great thing about Tumblr is that offers plenty of variety when it comes down to the type of the materials you can post on your Tumblr blog. So while other social networks specialize in a certain type of content, on Tumblr you see it all. Long text posts, short chat messages, links, images, graphics, gifs, videos, audio clips and quotes.  Medium type is definitely not what’s blocking you here.

It doesn’t mean that you need to utilize all these mediums, of course. But it is an opportunity to be creative, creating & sharing different types of interesting content.

Some ideas for content you can create for your Tumblr blog:

Journal entry – Have an exciting story to share? Maybe one relating to your store, or what you sell? You can share it as a text post in a form of a journal entry in your Tumblr blog, just make sure to stick to positive experiences/stories.

Articles – Share your expert opinion on a subject in the form of an article written as a text post in your blog.

Product photos – Similarly to Instagram, you want to share product imagery that says something about the lifestyle your brand is all about, not just plain product photography on a white background.

Quotes – Share a favorite quote, a witty saying, or an inspirational quote.

Links to store – You can link to your store and products, but try to make this a rare occurrence rather than the norm.  Add a description explaining why your store or product is so awesome that it’s worth sharing forward.

You can also of course share other content that you find on the web, or on Tumblr, on your Tumblr blog. This relieves the pressure of having to always create your own unique content.

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