Once you’ve created your new store it’s time to get things going, starting with your product descriptions & title. It’s important to change the titles & descriptions you had on eBay for a few reasons.

First of all, some of that information may no longer be relevant, for example if you offer a different return policy and/or different shipping options in your new store.

Secondly, you want to make sure search engines won’t penalize you for having duplicate content, basically the same descriptions on eBay and in your store.

Lastly, up to now you optimized your titles & descriptions for eBay searches and now it’s time to optimize your store so for Google, Bing and all other search engines.

How to optimize your product titles & descriptions

Step 1: Search for the most relevant keywords

We will start out by looking for the best keywords for our products. One easy way to do so is by just searching for your product in Google. When you start typing in the name you will get suggestions for completing the search, write down these suggestions if relevant.

After running a search you will also be able to see more suggestions at the bottom of the search results.

Using Google’s Keyword tool is also a great way to find keywords, although you will need to create a Google AdWords account first. There’s no commitment and it’s free to create one.

Google’s Keyword tool will allow you to find the most relevant searches to your product and see how much monthly traffic each search term has.

Google’s Keyword tool will give you the search terms with the most monthly searches, but won’t cover all your possibilities and won’t give you all the potential keywords you can use. That’s why it’s important you also use the suggestions you get from a regular search.

Step 2: Write great titles & descriptions for your products

Next we will include the keywords found in your product titles and descriptions. Use 2-3 keywords for each product, naturally combining these keywords in your title and description.

In each product page you will also have an option to add a meta title and description, this is the title and description that potential buyers see in search results.

Make your meta title and description for each product enticing, to attract your buyers attention. Including in your description or title incentives you’re offering such as free shipping or sale.

Great! Next, let’s optimize our store categories for search results too >>