General settings

Under your settings tab you will be able to edit all the general settings for your store including your store name, shipping address and contact information.

To change your setting go in your store admin to Settings.

Settings: general settings
  1. Changing your store name:
  2. Under Store name change the name for your store, this will change the name anywhere it shows in your store and in the emails sent to buyers.

    Settings: change store name
  3. Changing your store’s shipping address:
  4. Under Store Address you will be able to change the address for your store.

    This will change the address showing in your store’s contact page and in your store’s footer.

    If you change the country in your address, fill in the country code and not the country name.

    The address here should be your shipping address, it doesn’t have to be a physical address for your store.

    Settings: change email
    Important Note:
    Changing your store’s address influences your shipping settings. Which is why you can’t leave the address blank.
  5. Changing your contact information:
  6. You can change under your Settings tab your contact information including phone number and contact email.

    Changing your email address will change both the email shown in your store and the email to which buyers will reply to.

    To change your email address edit the Customer email field, your Account email is the email you signed up with and cannot be changed.

    Settings: change email


Under Payments you will be able set the PayPal account for your store

To set up payments in your store:

Go to Settings > Payments.

Settings: add payment

Next, enter your PayPal email in the PayPal email field and click on Save.

Settings: add payment

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