Editing a product

You can edit any product in your store including changing prices, quantity, re-writing your description/titles and adding more product images.

To edit a product go in your store admin to Products > All products.

Products: edit product

Click on the product you want to edit, or use the search to search for it.

Products: edit product
  1. Editing the product title/description:

    By default your product’s title and description will be those you set for the listing on eBay. Which is why it’s recommended that you edit them in your store for a few reasons:

    1. Search engine optimization – Changing your products titles and description from those on eBay can help you avoid duplicate content, that can cause Google and other search engines to penalize your store in search results. Also, re-writing your title and description can help you in optimizing your products for search results.
    2. Different prices/polices – If you offer an incentive in your store, such as free shipping over a minimum order, your product description will be a great place to add that bit of information. Also, if you offer a different return policy or pricing from that on eBay you might want to remove all links in your product description that link to your eBay store.
    3. listing templates – Since you can customize your overall store design, changing the store’s colors & fonts, you might want to lose the listing templates you have in your product descriptions and just insert plain text with slight formatting.
  2. Change your product category:

    By default each product will show up in your store under the category you listed it on eBay, but you can add new categories in your store and add the product to a different category.

  3. Products: edit product
  4. Adding or deleting images:
  5. You can add to each product more images and delete images you don’t want to show in the store. To delete an image just hover over the image and click on the trash icon.

    Products: edit product
  6. Changing prices:
  7. The default prices for each product will be the prices you set on eBay, but if you want to set lower or higher prices you can do that by editing the price for each product.

  8. Editing item specifics:
  9. Under Item specifics you will find the Quantity, Condition, Dimensions and Weight of the product.

    You will also see here any other item specific you added to the product on eBay such as brand, material, size etc.

    If some of this information is only relevant on eBay, you can delete it here to not show it in your store.

    Quantity – Your quantity will stay synced with eBay and will update when the item was sold on eBay.

    Dimensions/Weight – If you set dimensions and weight for the product on eBay they will show here, if you want to set calculated shipping in your store it’s highly recommended that you set for each product exact dimensions/weight. Read here how to set up calculated shipping in your store.

    Products: edit product
  10. Editing product variations:
  11. If you added variations to the product on eBay such as color, size etc. they will show in this table.

    You can edit the product’s variations, changing the quantity and price for each variation. To do so just click on Edit.

    The quantity for each variation will update if it’s sold on eBay.

    Products: variations
  12. Changing shipping rates:
  13. The shipping rates that show in the product page are the shipping rates you set on eBay. If you haven’t set shipping rates per item on eBay you will be able to set up here the shipping rates for the product.

    Important Note:
    You can choose a different shipping option for your store, such as flat rate or calculated shipping. These setting will override the settings you have for each product. Read more…

    You can set a separate rate for orders within the US and international orders. Also, you can change here the shipping service that the order will be shipped by.

    Products: shipping
  14. Adding meta tags
  15. Under the SEO settings for the product you can add a meta title and description for the product. These will show up as the title and description for the product when it’s indexed in search results.

    Products: seo
  16. Hide/show product
  17. For each product you have an option to hide the product, so it isn’t showing in your store.

    To hide a product click on the arrow next to the product’s save button and click on Hide.

    Products: visablity

Adding a product

You can easily add a new product to your store by creating a new product, or duplicating an existing product.

  1. To create a new product:
    1. Go in your store admin to Products > Add product.
    2. Products: add product
    3. Fill in the title and description for your product. Learn how to optimize them for search results.
    4. Next, pick the category for the product. If you don’t have an appropriate category you can add a new category.
    5. Upload images for the product. Each product can have up to 5 images.
    6. Under Item specifics it’s important you set the quantity for the product, leave it at 1 if you don’t have more than one of this product.
    7. If you have calculated shipping set in your store make sure to add the exact dimensions and weight for the product. these will be necessary for calculating the shipping costs according to the buyer’s location.
    8. If you kept your shipping rates to shipping per item make sure you add in your Shipping settings shipping rates and the services by which the product will be shipped. Read here about the different shipping options you can set in your store.

      If you have shipping set by item and you didn’t set a shipping service buyers won’t be able to complete a purchase for this product.

      But you can leave these settings blank if you choose an alternative shipping method such as calculated shipping or flat rate shipping.

    9. Lastly, under SEO add meta tags for your product. These will be the meta title and description that show up for the product in search results.
  2. To duplicate a product:
    1. Go to Products and click on the product you want to duplicate.
    2. At the top of the product page click on the arrow near the save button and choose Duplicate.
    3. Products: duplicate product
    4. A duplicate product will now be created, change the necessary information and save your changes.

Deleting product/s

To delete a product or multiple products:

  1. In your Products tab checkmark the product/s you want to delete.
  2. Products: delete product
  3. Click on Bulk action > Delete to delete the selected products.
  4. Products: delete product


To add a new category:
  1. Go to Products > Categories.
  2. Products: delete product
  3. Under Add new category enter your new category’s information including name, the parent category for the category (if there is one) and a description.

    The description is the meta description for the category in search results, it will also show at the top of your category page.

  4. Products: add category
  5. Click on Add category to add the category.
To edit a category:
  1. Go in your store admin to Products > Categories.
  2. Use the search at the top to find the category you want to edit.
  3. Click on Edit .
  4. Products: edit category
  5. Edit the category’s details on the left including editing the category name, adding a parent category and a description.
  6. Products: edit category
  7. Click on Save category to save your changes.
To delete a category:
  1. Go in your store admin to Products > Categories.
  2. To delete a single category click on the trash icon near the category.
  3. To delete multiple categories checkmark the categories you want to delete.
  4. Products: delete category
  5. Next, click on Bulk action > Delete to delete the selected categories.

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