Your 22Stores domain

When you create your store you get a default domain for your store that is based on your eBay user ID and looks like this:

You can keep using this URL for your store, but we do advise that you get your own custom domain since this can help you build your store name and your brand.

How do I choose my own domain?

Read the following article to learn more about why you should have your own domain and how to choose one. Continue to guide

Domain guide

Registering your own domain

In this tutorial we will cover registering a domain with GoDaddy, if you bought already a domain or choose another domain provider just jump ahead to setting up your new domain.
To register your own domain with GoDaddy:

  1. Search for an available domain for your store, keep it short and catchy. To find out how to choose a domain check out our Complete Guide to Choosing A Domain.
  2. When searching for a domain you might get suggestions for other extensions such .org or .info, however since most buyers are familiar with .com domains those are your safest choice. Once you’ve found your domain click on Select and Continue to cart.
  3. Domains: choose domain
  4. Next, click on Proceed to checkout to complete your order.
  5. Proceed to create your account and set up billing for the domain.
  6. Next, you will arrive at a Place your order page. Simply click on Place your order to proceed.
  7. Once your order is complete you will reach a Thank You page.
  8. Next, continue on to the next section to set up the new domain for your store.

Setting up your new domain

In this section we will explain how to setup the domain you purchased for your store. These instructions explain step-by-step how to setup your GoDaddy domain, if you registered a domain with another domain provider the instructions might be slightly different but the same steps are needed to configure your domain.

To configure your domain:

  1. In your GoDaddy account go to DOMAINS, you will be redirected here if you just purchased the domain.
  2. Click on Manage near the domain you purchased.
  3. Domains: setup domain
  4. Click on the DNS Zone File tab.
  5. Domains: setup domain
  6. Under the DNS Zone File tab click on Edit record for the ‘@’ host.
  7. Domains: setup domain
  8. In the pop up window change the Points to IP address to
  9. Domains: setup domain
  10. Click on Finish.
  11. Next, scroll down to the CName(Alias) table.
  12. Near the www host click on Edit record.
  13. Domains: setup domain
  14. In the popup that opens enter your 22Stores store domain in Points to field.
  15. Domains: setup domain
  16. Click on Finish.
  17. To save all your changes click on Save changes on the red notification at the top.
  18. Domains: setup domain
  19. Lastly, email us your new domain so we can set your subdomain to point there. Keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for the domain’s DNS settings to update.

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