Many have tried to come up with the perfect formula for a viral video, but no one can anticipate what video will go viral. All you can do is come up with your own creative idea and go with it.

You still can learn plenty from other brands success stories, so here are a few examples of brands that went big thanks to a viral video.


Vat19 is a great example of how a brand can utilize what’s unique about their products to stand out and go viral. Vat19’s offer an array of unusual, humoristic & fun products such as giant gummy bears, unusual silly putties and other knicks and knacks. The company started a YouTube channel and over time posted on YouTube 500 videos of their products that can be very funny, weirdly entertaining and even gross. Thanks to these unusual videos their channel has over a 1.5 million subscribers.


Blendtec went viral thanks to their “Will it blend?” videos. The company sells blenders, which you might think is just another home appliance that nothing new can be done about promoting it, but they proved everyone wrong. In each YouTube video the company tries to blend a certain item chosen by their viewers, so proving the power of the blenders in blending almost anything. What really made their videos go viral was in which they tried to blend an iPhone which got up to today over 12 million views, which led to the latest success in a video blending an iPad that got over 17 million views.

Luxy Hair

Another brand that can attribute their brand’s success to videos going viral are Luxy Hair, a brand that sells hair extensions. Luxy Hair’s videos aren’t unusual or funny, but how-to hair styling videos. Some of the brand’s most popular videos are instructional videos on how to make simple hair arrangements such as the running late hairstyles or how to strand a braid. With over 2 million YouTube channel subscribers, there is no question that they did something right here. Which is recognizing a market need for simple day-to-day hairstyling videos and addressing this need while simultaneously building their brand name.

From these examples you can see that the key to videos taking a brand go viral is in a great idea. So working with what your brand has to offer to show your product’s uniqueness in an unusual way, or creating a video that offers added value for your target audience. Which is why also your brand can succeed using videos, with a great idea behind them.


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