Instagram is all about sharing photos, so if you have products that photograph well this can be a great way for you to capture the interest of potential buyers with awesome photos.

What kind of photos can you share?

Forget about professional product photography with a boring white background, Instagram is a mobile photo sharing app, which means that the majority of the photos on it were taken with a simple mobile phone camera. The fact that you can just shoot photos with your phone and upload them to your Instagram business account does take the pressure off, but of course it’s still important you take photos that will stand out.

Photos by customers

A great way to get interesting photos of your products is by asking buyers to take a picture of their purchase and tag your Instagram account in the photos. This is also a great way to refer new buyers to your store.

You can offer buyers an incentive to do that, or just send a small gift and note asking to post on Instagram a photo. Buyers always love to get more they expected and would be happy to give something in return.

Interesting product photography

You can of course also take your own photos of your products,  but look for an unusual setting or surprising way you can present them. This will make your photos stand out and using the right hashtags you can reach Instagram users that are interested in your products.

How to link your Instagram account to your store

The minus to sharing photos on Instagram is that you can’t add a link to  photos you share, you can only add a link to your store in your Instagram profile. Which only means that you will have to find creative ways to link your photos to your store. One way you can do this is by adding your store domain as a watermark to the bottom of each photo.

There are many tools out there for editing & captioning your Instagram photos, but one of the best free tools we came across is Canva. It offers ready-to-use photo layouts for a variety of social media platforms including Instagram.

The nature of Instagram is to break loose and be creative, so take advantage of that and have fun!


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