Congratulations on creating your new store! This is a very exciting time and we are so happy to be part of it. We are also here to walk you through all the steps involved in launching a new store including bringing your first buyers to your store.

This guide will do just that. We will list here 40(!) different ways you can bring your first buyers to your new store.

You most likely have been selling on eBay for a while and already know the ropes of marketing an ecommerce business, but the pressure can be bigger when starting your own online store, so we are here to help!

We divided the different methods into 6 sections, one for each marketing channel: Search Engines, Social Media, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Offline Marketing and All Others.

Use this table of contents to jump ahead to any section you’d like.

Search Engines

1. Optimize product descriptions & titles

Help your store show up in search results by creating unique new content for your product pages and adding a meta titles & descriptions to your products.

2. Optimize your category pages

Add a description to each of your store categories to optimize them for search results.

3. Register a domain

Read here the importance of registering a domain for your store and what to pay attention to when doing that.

4. Building your store’s rank

On-site optimization is not all, read here how to build your store’s reputation and rank in search results.

5. Sign up with Google Analytics

Read here how to get started with Google Analytics so that you can analyze your traffic sources and where your sales are coming from.

6. Use Google Webmaster tools

Help Google index your store and find out from what search results buyers are arriving at your store.

7. Get a Google My Business account

Make your store stand out in search results and easier for potential buyers to contact you with a Google My Business account.

Social Media

8. Create your Facebook fan page

A Facebook business page is a must for your store, increasing your brand’s exposure on Facebook and in search results.

9. Get on Twitter

Read here how to connect & engage with potential buyers with a Twitter account.

10. Create your Google+ page

Learn here how you can drive more traffic to your store by creating a Google+ page for your store.

11. Join Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for sharing visually enticing photos that can benefit your store too, read here how.

12. Run a giveaway

Running a content on Twitter or Instagram is a great way to drive potential buyers to your store, find out how to do that here.

13. Engage on Pinterest

Engage with the Pinterest community creating collections featuring your products and engaging with potential buyers.

14. Showcase your products with Videos

Videos have great potential in both showing your products and in driving more buyers to your store from YouTube.

15. Display your products on Polyvore

Learn how Polyvore can help your fashion, beauty or home decor store succeed, by creating looks and product assortments.

16. Build a presence on LinkedIn

Learn how to build your’s and your business’s presence on LinkedIn, B2B networking to reach your target audience.

17. Post on Tumblr

Posting eye-catching content on Tumblr is a great way to get more buyers to your store, find out what you need to do to get started here.

18. Join discussions on forums

Forums allow you to connect with your target audience joining in on discussions relating to your industry, while helping you build your brand and get your store noticed.

19. Chat on Reddit

Reddit is a great place to interact with your target audience, read here how to spot your niche and how to start an interaction.

Content Marketing

20. Submit a press release

Announce your store’s launch with a press release, read here how to write one and where to submit it to.

21. Get product reviews

A published review by an product review site that can reach many potential buyers is a great way to attract new buyers to your store. Find out how to get reviewed here.

22. Reach out to influencers

Industry influencers are a major key to gaining exposure for your new store, read here how to reach out to them and start connecting.

23. Make a viral video

What makes a video go viral? Read here how a few brands made it happen and succeeded thanks to using videos.

24. Use Medium to tell your story

Medium is a story telling content platform where you can connect with others by telling your story, read here what to do to make this happen.

25. Share your expertise

Demonstrate your expertise on Q&A sites helping you build your brand and get more exposure for your store.

26. Ask buyers for testimonials

Testimonials from past buyers hold great power in building your store name and driving more buyers to your new store.

Paid Advertising

27. Use Google AdWords search ads

Some of the most targeted traffic you can drive to your store is with Google search ads, read here how to get started.

28. Utilize Google remarketing

Read here how to target those that visited your store or YouTube channel with a Google remarketing campaign.

29. Advertise with Bing ads

Reach more potential buyers through relevant searches by advertising on the Bing/Yahoo network.

30. Target your audience with Twitter ads

Expand your reach by advertising on Twitter, targeting potential buyers based on their interests.

31. Target buyers with Facebook ads

Read here how you can use Facebook advertising to connect with potential buyers by targeting them based on their Likes and interests.

32. Promote content with StumbleUpon

With StumbleUpon you can promote any great content you created, videos, photos and more. Read here how to go about doing that.

33. Promote videos with Google AdWords

Promote your YouTube videos using Google AdWords, reaching more buyers and increasing exposure to your store & YouTube channel.

Offline Marketing

34. Use packaging inserts

Suprise your buyers with a free gift or a fun card added to their package, inviting them to visit your new store.

35. Participate in tradeshows

Participate in events and tradeshows, gaining more exposure for your online store and reaching out to new buyers.

36. Using QR codes

Create and print out QR codes, so potential buyers can get to your store from anywhere.

All Others

37. Get traffic from Craigslist

Reach buyers by adding a classified ad to your local Craigslist, read here how.

38. Submit to shopping comparison search engines

Drive more sales to your store with the help of Shopping comparison sites such as The find or Google shopping.

39. Get affiliates

Affiliate marketing has the potential to drive a steady flow of new buyers to your store, check here if it’s the right thing for your store.

40. Ask for a referral

Referrals from happy buyers are something you shouldn’t miss out on, read here how to get buyers to refer friends to your new store.