For many eBay sellers selling on Craiglist isn’t a new thing, but if you haven’t tried it before this can be a great form of free advertising that can also drive valuable traffic to your store.

How to start out on Craigslist

The first step to starting to sell on Craigslist is to find your local Craigslist, which you can find on the Craigslist homepage.

Once you find your Craigslist site click on the For sale section to post a new ad.

For your ad to really stand out among the other ads in your category it’s a great idea to add a photo to the ad and an eye catching headline.

When writing your ad’s product description you can also include a phone number that you use for your store.  Keep your product description short & concise and add also a link to the product page on your store.

Craigslist is a great free advertising option, but it’s important you stick to the site’s rules so that you don’t get banned. For example you can go ahead and post ads for a few different products, but don’t keep posting one product multiple times.

Craigslist can be a promising opportunity for you to get additional sales and advertise your store, helping you find local buyers that can become later long-time regulars at your store.


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