Product reviews are a great content marketing tool for promoting your new store. There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth marketing. If a potential buyer’s first interaction with your brand is a glowing review, the chances they will buy from you to begin with are already much higher.

Not only that, but every product review that links back to your store is also great for SEO.

So with these good reasons to get your products reviewed, how do you get started?

Product review sites tend to be industry specific, so you want to start out by searching for products reviews sites relevant to you industry. Besides using Google to do so, you can also use Twitter. Just use the hashtag #productreview and look through the reviews others have already tweeted, looking for those that are relevant to your store.

Some sites will require you submit a sample for testing, others might ask to run a giveaway.

Here are a few industry specific sites you can ask to review your products: – specializes in beauty & skin care product reviews, accept also samples. – the most comprehensive product review sites for consumer elctronics, require you deliver the product to be reviewed. – not a product review site, but a fashion blog that offers fashion advice while reviewing also accessories & clothing. – A moms product reviews site that reviews all product mom & kid related including baby products, arts & crafts, maternity fashion, kids clothing and home decor.

You also have some product review sites that cover a broader range of products:

When looking for sites that will review your product don’t stick need only to official product review sites, search for blogs in your field and ask to have you product reviewed in the blog. This is the best way for you to reach your target audience.

A great incentive to getting buyers to check out your product is to offer to run a giveaway, some blogs/sites require that, but also if not offer a free giveaway to get more readers to check out your offer.

Product reviews can be a great stimuli in driving your first buyers to your store and building your brand’s reputation, but for that to happen make sure you stick to reputable sites. A review in a site that doesn’t have any review submission guidelines & standards, can do more harm than good to your brand, in both terms of SEO and brand reputation. So make sure you choose blogs that have a certain review process in accepting products for review.

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