Twitter can be a great way to find and engage with potential buyers. With just a few clicks you can start driving valuable traffic to your store.

How to get started on Twitter

Start out by signing up for your Twitter account. When choosing your username of course the best option is your store name to you can re-establish your brand, just make sure to keep it short. After all, Twitter is all about keeping it short.

Next, add a link to your store as your website and add as your profile image your store logo. You can also add a cover image for your account, this can also help you brand your Twitter page. If you do add a cover image, keep it clean so that your Twitter page doesn’t become too cluttered.

Join a discussion

One of the great features Twitter offers is a search that searches through all the tweets and accounts on Twitter. A great way to find users discussing topics related to your store and connecting with them.

Let’s say you sell sport collectibles. By just entering that term in the Twitter search you will be able to find any tweets in which that term was used.



Once you found such a tweet you can reply to the tweet and engage in a conversation with the user. Make sure you’re not too pushy about selling a product right away, start a friendly conversation and let things continue naturally from there.

Get followers

Getting followers on Twitter is a reciprocal act, you follow others and they follow you back. You can use this strategy to connect with users that you believe can be potential buyers.

A good way to go about finding potential followers is to use the search to do so. Similarly to what you did previously with searching for related discussions, you can also use the Twitter search to search for Twitter users with certain hobbies/interests relating to your store’s merchandise.

So if for instance your target audience are old record collectors, you can search for the phrase “recordcollector” and use the ”More options” menu to search specifically for “Accounts” that have that search term in them. This way you can spot anyone with that interest.


Direct messaging

Another great feature Twitter offers is direct messaging, with which you can send private messages to your followers. Using free tools such as Crowdfire you can automatically send a direct message to any new follower.

So use the direct messaging option to welcome new followers and invite them to check out your new store.


It’s crucial you use all the features Twitter has to offer wisely and by the book, since Twitter can block your account if they think you are spamming other users. Make sure you read Twitter’s guidelines to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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