The most trustworthy form of advertising is word-of-mouth advertising, such as when a buyer recommends your store to a friend.

How does word-of-mouth happen?

A buyer is more likely to tell their friends about a certain purchase when the service was outstanding, or when you managed to surprise them and blow their expectations.

We mentioned previously how you can add packaging inserts to your packages, this can be a great way to surprise and delight your buyers.

You can also write to a buyer after a purchase asking them to refer a friend to your store and offer a free product or discount on their next purchase for such a referral.

To track your referrals you can use a unique code in the URL that will help you identify buyers that came from their link. Next, with an analytics software such as Google Analytics you can use to track if a sale was made from that referral.

Social media referrals might not have the power of friend personally recommending a store or product, but are also very valuable. So ask satisfied buyers to share on Facebook and Twitter a link to your store, with a short note about their shopping experience in your store.

Referrals can happen spontaneously, when buyers feels like they got more than they expected.  You can also encourage this by offering a giveaway, discount or simply asking nicely.


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