Pinterest is one of the top social networks for retailers to be on and can be a great way for you to get your first sales.

You can engage and gain potential buyers by creating interesting boards, pinning intriguing photos, following other pinners and repinning pins you like on to your own boards.

Creating boards

When creating boards try to think what kind of topics interest your target audience. Find those topics and start filling the boards with your own pins and pins by other.


The key to getting pins that will capture your audience’s interest and get other pinners to repin your pins is pinning intriguing photos. Professional product photos can be nice, but they won’t get others to repin and share your pins.

Try to think outside the box and capture photos that show your products in a different light, photos that convey a lifestyle and emotion.

Repin pins by others onto your boards to complement your pins. This way your boards and not only about your products, but really show the theme you choose from different angles.

Gain followers

On Pinterest pinners pin places they would like to go to, food they would like to try and products they would like to purchase. Which makes it easy for you to spot who would be interested in what you’re selling.  You can use the Pinterest search to find both pinners that pinned products relevant to what you’re selling and to find board relating to your store’s industry.  Follow those pinners and engage with them by favoriting and commenting on their pins.

Pinterest is much more than just a place to share your products, it’s a place to target and interact with potential buyers. So make sure to fully utilize this visual social sharing power of it for your store.

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