Polyvore is a great visual sharing platform for retailers in the fashion, beauty and home design industry.

Polyvore is unlike any other visual sharing platform such as Pinterest or Instagram, in the sense that it lets you create collages of products, according to themes also know as ‘sets’.

The products that you will most commonly find on Polyvore are clothing, shoes, makeup, jewellery, furniture and home decor.

How do I get started?

Sign up for your Polyvore account with 1-easy step. Next, download the Polyvore clipper Chrome or Safari extension to start clipping your products & other products you like on to your Polyvore account.

Clipping products

To clip products from your store you will need first to add your store as a your website under your Polyvore profile. Once you’ve done that start clipping your products by simply clicking on the extension’s icon at the top right corner of your browser.


Creating sets

Once you have a collection of products that you clipped or favorited, start creating sets by combining products that you clipped with other products on Polyvore.

Create sets based on colors, styles or concepts. Try to think of interesting themes so that your sets will stand out. A set is much more than an arrangement of products, give it some thought and add a background,  text and other decorative touches.

Getting noticed

Polyvore is a social platform, so it allows you not only to create pretty collages, but also to interact with other participants on Polyvore. You can start engaging by joining groups, following users with similar interests and liking & commenting on sets by others.


Most Polyvore sets are viewed at first on Pinterest, which means it a good idea to share your sets on Pinterest for maximum exposure. Other ways you can share your set is by taking a snapshot of it and sharing it on your Instagram account, or by posting it on Facebook & Twitter.


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