Previously we discussed how opening a Google My Business account can help you build your store’s reputation and bring more buyers to your store. But also without a Google My Business account, with just a Google+ page, you can drive more traffic to your store from search results and Google+.

How do I get my Google+ account started?

Firstly you will need to sign up with a Google account, if you haven’t yet. After doing that you will be able to create your Google+ page.

Since we’re not creating a Google My Business account we will choose the option to create a page for a Brand. Enter your store name, store URL and proceed to set up your page.

Next, you will be able to customize your page by adding a cover photo and logo.

For your page will be found by potential buyers it’s crucial we add a Tagline and Introduction explaining what your store is offering.

You will also have the option to link your Google+ account with any other social account you have, which you can do under the Links section of your page.

Next, enter and verify your store’s web address. Verifying your store URL and linking it with your store will help your page show up in search results. If you already verified your store’s URL for your Google Webmaster account just click on Verify website to easily do that with a single click.

Don’t forget to add Contact info, where potential buyers can reach you.

Connecting with potential buyers on Google+

Besides helping you drive traffic from search results to your store, Google+ is a social media platform where you can follow & connect with other users.

One great way to connect with potential buyers is through Google+ Communities. Search for communities relating to your store’s industry, join the community and introduce yourself, slowly building up to starting a discussion with other members.

Another great way to connect with potential buyers is by searching for hashtags relating to your store and joining in discussions on these topics. Or, replying to posts on topics where you can offer your expert advice.

Your Google+ page is also a great platform for sharing any brand content that you’ve created, if it’s a new product video, a product photo or an article you wrote.

Make the most of your Google+ page, engage with your audience and share your content using hashtags. This way you can build your store’s presence on Google+.

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