You might have already been using Facebook to promote your eBay items, but once you open your own store it’s important you have a Facebook business page to promote your store.

While your Facebook friends might be a great audience that you can sell to, with a fan page you won’t be limited to sharing only to your friends and can reach an unlimited audience.

How to get started with a Facebook page

You can create a Facebook page for free, you just need to have a Facebook account to do that. once you created your page add your logo as your profile image and a branded cover image for your page.

You can also enable user ratings on your page so buyers can leave reviews and that your page will show a star rating, we will discuss that in more detail in the chapter about how to get testimonials for your store.

A few great ways to get fans engaged and bring fans to your page:

Invite friends – You have an option to invite your Facebook friends to like your page, this is a great way to get your first fans. You can export your email contact list too and send an automatic invite to Like your page to all your contacts.

Thank you notes – when shipping packages to your eBay buyers add a note inviting buyers to “Like” your page, this  way you can at the same time get new likes and get one-time buyers from eBay to visit your online store.

Facebook ads – another way you can to build your fanbase on Facebook is with Facebook ads,  read more about using Facebook ads here.

A Facebook page plays many parts for an online store, helping you interact with buyers, connect with potential buyers interested in your products and also building your reputation. So be sure to make the most of your Facebook page.

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