How exciting! your new store is almost ready to launch. But before you go ahead and officially launch it let’s make sure we covered everything so that your store launch runs as smoothly as possible.

1/8 Set up billing in your store

Setting up billing in your store is crucial, without that buyers won’t be able to complete a purchase in your store. Read here how to set up billing in your store by linking your PayPal account.

2/8 Set up shipping

Shipping is also a crucial part of your store’s success, which is why it’s important you choose the best shipping option for your store. When choosing a shipping method you want to take into account a few factors including:
  1. Using free or flat shipping as an incentive.
  2. Offering multiple shipping options with calculated shipping.
  3. Offering free shipping over a minimum order to reach a higher cart value.
Read here how to choose the best shipping option for your store.

3/8 Go over your product titles and descriptions

Your product titles & description might have been fitting for selling on eBay, but with your own stand alone store it’s most likely they will need some alterations. That’s why before launching your store it’s important you go over the title and descriptions for your products. What should you look out for?
  1. If you don’t want to connect your store with your store on eBay, remove any links in your description that link back to eBay.
  2. Make sure your descriptions don’t have any leftover templates, apps and design features that don’t go with your store’s overall design.
  3. Make sure all the information in the description is relevant, for example the shipping and return policy if mentioned.
Another important reason to go over your titles and descriptions is for SEO, read here how to optimizing your products titles & descriptions for search results.

4/8 Brand your store design

Creating a memorable brand is key to a successful store launch, so take the necessary time to make your store one-of-a-kind by customizing your store’s design. What’s important to notice in outlining your brand?
  1. Pick a color scheme for your store, 2-3 dominant colors that will show up in your logo and across your store.
  2. Create a unique logo for your store, check out all the free resources you can use to create a logo for your store.
  3. Pick a font scheme. These fonts will show across your store and you can also be used in any printed material you send to buyers, promotional graphics etc.

5/8 Get your own domain

Registering a domain for your store is also an important task that should be done before you launch your store. Since when you start promoting your store you want to make sure your store’s URL is a short & memorable one, helping you in branding your store and in bringing more visitors to your store. Read here how to choose a domain for your store.

6/8 Create a google analytics account

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that lets you see all the traffic to your store, where did buyers come from and what pages do they frequent. Why is Google Analytics important to my store?
  1. Find out which sites drive the most traffic to your store, this way you know on what marketing channels to spend your time & money.
  2. Analyze which pages get the most traffic and see what you can improve in other pages to see there those results too.
  3. Track where your sales originated from with conversion tracking.
Read here how to set up your Google Analytics account.

7/8 Build your social presence

Before you even launch your store you already want to have your social media accounts set up, this way you already have a social presence when your store is launched. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest let you invite your email contacts to follow your account, so this can be a great way to build your fanbase. Those social networks are a great place to get started also since they are the top social media traffic sources to eCommerce sites. Read now how to get started with a Facebook fan page, create a Twitter account and open a Pinterest account.

8/8 Write your press release

We’re almost there! The last thing to do just before you launch is to prepare your press release, that you can have ready to submit immediately as you launch. Publishing a press release can be a great way to drive traffic to your store when you’re just starting out and can also help you in building backlinks linking to your new store. Read here how to write & submit a press release for your store launch. Checklist complete? Great, now you’re all ready! It’s time to launch your store, start promoting it and see the sales flow in. Once you’ve launched your store we recommend you start right away working on promoting your store, you can easily do that with our 40 Ways to Get Your First Sale Guide.