Reddit is a great social platform for sharing content, that has a potential to drive plenty of traffic to any site. But to do so your content needs to really stand out.

We talked earlier about types of content you can create to share on Instagram, YouTube or Polyvore, once you created such content you can share it as a link on reddit.

The reddit site is divided into different topics, or as there called subreddits. Each pertaining to a certain interest or topic. Users can subscribe to the subreddits that interest them, but each subreddit has rules of etiquette called reddiquette, that have to be followed by the subscribers.

The subreddits highly vary, from very specific topics with few subscribers to very broad areas of interests with millions of subscribers.

You can find many different subreddits to belong to, so take your time and look for smaller subreddits where it will be easier for you to integrate into.

When you post on Reddit other users upvote for your content and as your content is upvotes it receives more exposure.  Each upvote by another user helps you build your Reddit karma, which is made up of both link karma and comment karma. It’s easier to receive posts and build your karma by commenting on other content, which is why it’s so important that you start out by reading & upvoting content by others, friending other users and commenting. This way building your reputation on Reddit.

Once you build your reputation and feel like you have a good idea what type of content would be popular on what subreddit, you can start sharing your own content.

Your content can also be downvoted, so choose very carefully what you decided to share and make it count.

What can you share or reddit?

You can pretty much submit links to any type of content you created on a social media site, or on your own, as long as it’s allowed by the subreddit’s rules.

But here are some ideas of types of content you can create and share on reddit.

Articles – write an article in a blog or online publication on a topic you’re an expert at and share it on relevant subreddits.

AMAs – AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, which is a subreddit that became highly publicized when rapper Snoop Dogg started a “ask me anything” chat on it. You don’t need though to be a celebrity for your hour of fame on AMA. If you had a very unique experience you want to share with others, or believe you can offer expert advice on a certain subject, introduce yourself and let the questions flow in.

Images – if you created a great graphic for your Tumblr account, or have an Instagram photo you put lots of thought into, something that would really stand out, you can also share it on a relevant subreddit.

Videos – Don’t just post any video to Reddit, only if you have a video that you believe viewers on a certain subreddit can really benefit from. For instance, you have a really cool gadget that you created a video showing how to use, you can share that on the gadgets subreddit.

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