LinkedIn stands out as the social media site for professional networking, the place to be to connect with others in your field.

Creating a profile on LinkedIn can open up for you many opportunities, but keep in mind that it’s unlike any other social media site. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other businesses, you don’t get fans or followers, instead you form business connections.

So if you offer B2B products, it will be one of the top places for you to reach out to potential buyers,  but not so much for the B2C seller.

How to get started on LinkedIn

Build your profile

First things first, start out by creating your profile. In your profile you can add a profile photo, your job title and store name, your field and a short summary of what you specialize at.

You can use the Experience section to list your work experience, this will be a good place to add for example how long you’ve been in the ecommerce business and what led you there.

You can also add here under the experience section any relevant links such as a link to your store, a link to a video, or any other content you have published.

Add connections

Next, we will start building our network on LinkedIn. You can link your account with your Facebook profile to find Facebook friends on LinkedIn, or export you email contacts to find your email contacts that are already on LinkedIn.

It’s important to note that LinkedIn specifies that you should only connect with people you met in real life.

Add a company page

After creating your personal profile, you can now create a company page for your store.

Under your company page you will be able to add a short description for your store, your store’s specialties, industry, address and a link to your store.

Follow other companies

One way you can connect & network with other businesses in your industry is by following other companies. Target other companies in your industry, or businesses that fit your target market and form a connection by liking, and sharing their posts. When you see a relevant post comment on it and if relevant add a link to your store.

Join groups

Another great way to connect with others on LinkedIn with similar interests is by joining groups. You can use the LinkedIn search to search for groups using a keyword or topic.

Some groups will be open to all, some you will need to request an invite. Once you join a group introduce yourself, don’t promote yourself. It’s important you build a connection with others in the group first.

Only once you feel you’ve established a connection and gotten the vibe of the group ask the group members to check out your store.

The way LinkedIn can benefit you depends largely on your industry. It can be a great success for B2B stores, but less so for your typical consumer market.

However, establishing a presence on LinkedIn can always help your store’s reputation, no matter what field your store’s in.

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