Up to now we only mentioned how you can drive traffic from search results from Google searches, but we cannot ignore other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

It’s true that these search engines don’t have the same volume of traffic such as Google does, which is why both search engines partnered up to form a combined advertising network that has a higher capability of driving traffic.

What’s the advantage in using Bing/Yahoo ads?

Lower CPC – Since this platform is less competitive, you are more likely to find here a lower cost per click for your ads, than with Google ads.

More exposure – Also, since the competition is lower on these search engines, you will be have a better chance of showing in searches that are you have a hard time showing your ads for in Google searches.

Getting started with Bing ads

To sign up to Bing ads you will just need to create a Microsoft account. Once you created your account you can now sign up to your Bing ads account.

Creating your campaign

If you created already an AdWords campaign, the good news is that you can just export the campaign to Bing by linking your Google account. So you won’t need to recreate your ads.

We mentioned before how you can search for keywords that you want to bid on, you can use those methods also here in creating your Bing ads.

Similarly create your ads with emphasis on a headlines that contain the keywords you choose and a direct call to action such as ‘Shop here’ ‘buy now’.

Analyzing your ad results

Tracking conversions here is just as crucial as with your Google ads and you can do that by comparing the Avg. CPC and CTR for each ad.

You want to have a low cost per click, to keep your ads profitable, and a high CTR which indicates that your ads are relevant and are getting plenty of clicks. But above all we need to compare the conversions from the ads to make sure we are in fact getting sales out of these ads.

Tracking your conversions from your Bing ads can be done using a conversion tag. To do so you will need to embed the tag in the success page a buyer reaches after a sale.

To improve your campaign check what’s the common denominator in the highest converting ads, are the keywords more exact? do the ads have a common call-to-action?

Based on these conclusions create more ads for your store using all the factors that are working best.

Bing ads can be a great opportunity for a new store that has a difficult time competing with big brands that are dominating Google searches, so don’t pass on this.

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