About Us

22Stores was built exclusively for eBayers like you.

Our Mission

22Stores was built exclusively for eBayers like you. Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to expand your business outside of eBay and start your own online store. Equipped with all the tools & features you will need to succeed.

We strive to offer an agile platform that can grow and evolve further, while still maintaining a stable environment that you can rely on. You decide where this new road will lead you.

Take a look below our company's timeline at the steps we took that lead us to where we are today.

We are not done yet and are always working on improving, so please join us today in building our roadmap.

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Our Timeline

JUN 24,
We launched our 22Stores community page!

The 22Stores community page went live and we’re getting valuable feedback from potential users.

AUG 18,
Beta list opens!

We launched our site and started signing up our first beta testers to the beta waiting list.

SEP 9,
First beta now live!

Beta version is officially launched and open for testers.

OCT 15,
We have a new homepage design!

Website re-design in progress and our homepage gets a new look.

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