10 Free & Paid Resources for Packaging Ideas featured

You successfully launched your new store, now what’s next? Well, now you need to bring buyers to your store and a good place to start at is by inviting current buyers to check it out.

A great way to let buyers know about your new store, and also drive more repeat business from one-time buyers, is by packaging with your orders a thank you note or holiday card that has your new store’s web address.

We compiled here a list of the top free & paid resources you can use to create the best packaging inserts for your store, customized according to your store’s branding. Here they are!

Free Resources for Graphics


Pixeden is a great resource for free graphics that you can customize and print. You can find here templates for business cards, holiday cards, flyers, tags, labels and more. One example is this free Christmas card that you can download on the site. Download card & other graphics >>

The site also has premium graphics that you can download for an additional cost.

Graphic Burger

Another great resource for free graphics is Graphic Burger where you can find templates for logos and diffrent graphics that you can use in your print materials.

If you don’t have yet a logo this will be a great place to find a logo template you can use when creating your store logo, which will give plenty of personality to your packages when printed on cards, stickers and labels.

Browse the site >>


If you don’t have access to Photoshop or Illustrator, that’s ok you can also use an online software to edit & create free graphics.

One great example for that is Canva that offer templates for various graphics that you can customize according to your liking, all available online without having to download any software.

You can find here read-to-use templates for business cards, gift cards and flyers. All of which you can customize by adding your own text and logo right on the Canva site.

Sign up to Canva here >>


This resource is specifically for free customizable PSD files and offers a big variety of print templates for business cards, holiday cards, flyers and more. You will also be able to find here templates for logos that you can use to create your store logo.

Browse freepsdfiles.net >>


Pinterest is unlike any of the other resources we mentioned before, it’s a visual sharing social media site where you can collect & bookmark various webpages. It’s also a great place to find free graphics of any kind, including templates for stickers, holiday cards, thank you cards, product labels and much much more.

To search Pinterest you will first of all need to create your Pinterest account. After creating your account you can start browsing for ideas & free graphics to spice up your packages such as handwritten printable stickers, holiday printables and prinatble labels & tags. Read here how to get started with your own Pinterest account.

Paid Resources for Graphics


Fiverr is a marketplace for creative & professional services, where you can get almost anything done for only $5. Which is why it’s a great place for finding designers that can create creative print materials that you can add to your packages.

Besides getting here a customized store logo, you will also be able to order here designs for business cards, flyers, thank you cards, holiday cards, package & product labels, t-shirts and pretty much anything you can think of. You will also be able to order on Fiverr packaging design for your product, which can be a great way to give your packages a unique branded look.

The main advantage here is that you can get a totally unique design for only a few bucks. The minus is that you need to search the site very thoroughly to find a good reputable designer.

Start searching Fivver >>

Creative Market

Creative Market is a great resource for high quality premium graphics that you can purchase at a very reasonable price. You also can on this site a section dedicated to free goodies.

Besides graphics, the site offers also templates for buisness cards, greeting cards, stationery, flyers and more.

Start browsing on Creative Market >>

Graphic River

Graphic River offer a wide range of premium graphics, the price range is from $2-$100. You can find here customizable templates for holiday cards, business cards, thank you cards, stationery and product packaging.

The site offers a wide range of templates, so you will find here a wide selection from which to choose. But before you purchase a template remember that these are customizable templates, so you will need Photoshop or Illustrator to customize them.

Visit Graphic River >>


Fotolia is a stock photography website where you can also find ready made cards and other print graphics.

You will need to buy a credits package to buy here images, the minimum package is 10 credits which is about 3 standard images. Although it might be more than you need, you can use these credits in the future when creating other promotional materials such as banner ads, covers for Facebook & Twitter, marketing emails etc.

Visit Fotolia >>


Another great stock photography resource, where you can find a huge selection of ready-to-use graphics for print is iStock.

Unlike Fotolia you can buy here also a single image, but the prices are significantly higher with their purchasing model. You can though find here a wider range of images, so that’s the plus.

Search the site >>

Adding an elegantly designed card or note to your packages can be a great way to show your customers appreciation, building your relationship with them and getting them to the store. This is also a great opportunity to let buyers know about your new store. So take advantage of these resources and start making your packages stand out!

We would love to see what you came up with, so share with us your graphics on Twitter!